Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Am One Walmart Trip Away From A House Coat

I am obsessed with our hardwood floors.  We had hardwood floors at our old house, but they were a light wood, so they hid dirt and dust pretty good.  Our new floors are a dark wood and I obsessed with them.  Not obsessed in the sense that they need to be spotless.  With three kids, I just can't afford to be a spotless type lady. 

When I say obsessed, I mean that you can see EVERYTHING on these floors.  If you wear shoes, you see the dusty imprint of the shoe.  If you go barefoot, often times you can see footprints on the floor.  When my husband is in a hurry and forgets something and runs back in the house with his shoes on, I make no eye contact...I just stare at his shoes.  His response is always the same.  He looks at me, focuses in on the eyes, looks down at his shoes and then says "WHAT?"

So, I have been talking with my lady friends about floor cleaners.  Water and vinegar is a nice option, but I think it stinks.  I have heard from two friends (thanks Ali and Sunny) that Bona is the best on dark hardwood.  I was told to go to Walmart to get it.  I like Super Target, but when I know that something that I need is somewhere specific...I don't mess around.  So, I got in my car and drove directly to Walmart to pick up Bona.

When I am in Walmart, I don't like to fool around.  I get in and I get out.  BUT, the cleaning product aisle is kind of big and they really carry a wide selection of cleaning tools.  For instance, check these out...

  On the top they look like slippers, but underneath they are like little mops.  Now, everytime I spot a footprint or shoeprint with my hawk-like eyeball, I can slide over and clean it up with my slippers.  My husband is worried that I am going to buy everyone a pair and make my family wear them around the house.

So, we are sitting in the living room and I had my new sloppers (I just made that up) on...sort of kicked up on the ottoman.  My husband thinks I am crazy anyway, so it is fine when he looked at me like I was crazy and said "you really like those new slippers, huh?"  Well, I bent over a little and kind of grabbed one off my foot, when all of a sudden the mop part seperated from the slipper part.  VELCRO!!!!
You can pull the Velcro completely off of the slipper.  I realize that my life is not all that crazy these days and I can be somewhat boring, but come on, that was pretty exciting!  Right in the washer.  Good as new.

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