Monday, April 16, 2012

The Singer/Songwriter

My 6 year old daughter Molly sings about everything. Everything. Since the moment she could talk, she has made up songs.  I refer to her as my singer/songwriter.  One of her soon to be very famous songs is entitled "There's a New Kid in School. What Do I Do With Him?".  She wrote that song at the ripe old age of 4.

Unfortunately, she takes after me in the singing department, so while it is cute that she makes up songs, they are usually really off key.  The songs can break out at the grocery store, in the stands at baseball games, riding her bike.  Molly's singing has no limits.  Most of the time she walks around the room singing her songs, picking things up, putting things back down, possibly running her fingers across your face, leaning against the staircase in dramatic fashion.

Molly makes up so many songs that her brothers HATE when she sings.  Calvin, Molly's 9 year old brother recently was near tears and said "WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO SING ABOUT EVERYTHING?".  This really bothered me.  I told Calvin that Molly is creative and loves to sing.  Happy people sing out loud and there is NO WAY that I will EVER tell Molly not to sing.  Cal wasn't happy with me about my commitment to Molly's art.

This morning, as I was making my kids' lunches, I heard Molly break into song. I looked up and she was sitting at the kitchen table, eating her breakfast.  Her sweet little face was lit up with a smile and she was looking directly into my eyes.  I love when mornings are happy and there is no drama.  I was just loving the moment and then I heard the words that were coming out of her mouth.  Smile on her face, voice terribly high and off key.  Molly is singing these words to me..."Your hair is kind of crazy.  It looks fuzzy and is sort of poofy".

I have decided that I am on team Calvin.

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  1. I am in tears. It looks fuzzy! and is sort of poofy. I love her. and you. Bravo Molly!