Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Acceptance Speech

If I were to get an award for successfully making it through the day, this would be my acceptance speech.  Before I get too into my speech, let me explain that when I say “successfully making it through the day” I use the word “successfully” loosely.  I truly mean we basically JUST make it through the day.
This is what I would say…
I can’t believe I am being honored for making it through the day.  I didn’t think I would be awarded this honor, so I didn’t really have anything special prepared (remove my speech from my purse…after seriously digging and finding my acceptance speech crumpled together with a receipt that has a piece of one of my kid’s chewed gum stuck to it).
I would like to thank all of the little people.  Literally, if it weren’t for my kids I wouldn’t be a Mom. My daily life wouldn’t be a constant open mouth, racing to be on time, screeching roller coaster ride from one important sporting event to a birthday party to some sort of camp and so on. It continues to be quite the ride.
I would like to thank Super Target.  Thank you, I love you…and Starbuck’s. 
I would like to thank my sports Mom friends that make me feel ok with myself when I once again have forgotten snacks for whatever kid’s sporting event we are at. 
Here’s to my parents who had three kids themselves and get it.  Thank you for taking them while we let our hair down.  We don’t even mind if you spoil them…just don’t give them sugar or Mountain Dew.
I would like to thank the afterhours gym coordinator at school who acts like her calendar of events might be wrong and that she is glad that I am there talking to her, when deep down she knows that I am at the wrong place and that there is no way my kid has practice at her gym.
I would like to send out a big shout out to all of the babysitters out there.  If you need some extra cash…call me.  Call me.
I would truly like to thank all of those coaches (including my husband) that teach my children how to play the game, but more importantly teach my children to play fair, be good losers, have fun and to “be classy” when playing the game (famous advice from Coach Erickson). Whether you know it or not, what you teach them on the field/court translates to their everyday life.
Thanks to old friends who know me so well.
To new friends that automatically seem like old friends.
Red Wine.
Thanks to my husband, who is a Dad and a coach and a good friend.  Very, very solid guy.  He should get a similar award, but since there is only one awarded… ever…I will be accepting it
Thanks to Rush Creek Elementary.  You have blessed us with some very, very good teachers. Thanks for singing about new shoes, new haircuts, letting me volunteer to help with math to the 2nd graders (I have already apologized) and especially…especially for telling the 4th graders to wear deodorant.  You, having my back on that one is priceless.
Thanks to my brothers. I am stronger, sharper…always look behind an open door, know how to spit and don’t throw or punch like a girl because of you two.
To my Dad who taught me how to put a worm on a hook (huge with boys).
To my Mom who taught me how to be a friend to my daughter.
Good friends.  Sister and brother-in-laws. Nordstrom Rack.  Vodka.  Cool bosses. Flexible work schedules. Nieces and nephews that have game.
People that do random nice things that touch my soul and move me to be a nicer person to others.
And a big thanks to God for giving me a sense of humor.
Where is the post award ceremony party?

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